Physical therapy may help brain injury recovery

Findings by a team of researchers in Germany and the United States may indicate that after suffering a brain injury, highly specific therapeutic plans can help with resetting the brain’s image of the body. More research and studies will be performed on the possibility of developing new therapies and improving rehabilitation of motor and sensory disorders in brain injury patients.

Traumatic brain injury more common than realized

One of the most common neurological conditions someone can have is a brain injury that can result in drastic behavioral changes. Depending on the area of the brain the traumatic brain injury occurs at can affect what type of damage is suffered. Traumatic brain injuries occur for a wide range of reasons on a scale much larger than most people ever realize.

Taking as many precautions as possible to reduce risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury can help needless suffering and pain. Serious traumatic brain injury victims often feel they have lost part of themselves and must sometimes relearn how to do things that once came second nature to them.

Brain injury test being developed

The University of Florida is developing a blood test to identify dead brain cell proteins, which would indicate if a brain injury has been suffered. Quicker brain injury treatment can greatly reduce the injury worsening. The brain injury test will detect both the site and severity of the injury without having to perform the initial CAT Scan.